All ponds require maintenance and tender loving care! Pond Maintenance Visits ensure your pond remains clean, clear and looking great all year round for your enjoyment. Having regular pond maintenance visits reduce the need to have a Pond Deep Clean more frequently, which is labour intensive and can be disruptive to the natural balance of the pond if deep cleaned too regularly.

All Pond Maintenance Visits include: 

  • Cleaning filtration
  • Cleaning filter sponges
  • Cleaning pumps
  • Netting leaves and unwanted algae
  • Tidying and cutting plants, if necessary
  • Checking livestock health, if necessary
  • Checking pond and water overall health

Pond Maintenance Add-on Services (chargeable): 

  • Ultra Violet (UV) bulb(s) can be supplied and fitted, if required, we suggest changing a pond UV bulb annually usually during the spring season. 
  • A selective replacement pond sponge service, however, care is taken not to imbalance the delicate water chemistry of your pond. 
  • Bespoke Pond Water Treatments to ensure your pond is functioning at full-capacity and looks divine. Water treatments vary such as algae, (green water, blanketweed), water conditioner, live bacteria, fish heath, water feature treatments, dechlorinaters, pH level adjustment, phosphate adjustments, filter start the list can be truly endless. We will confidently recommend the correct treatment for your pond.

We are passionate about all things aquatic.

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